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The construction is epoxy-fiberglass-plywood composite, a stitch and glue composite system designed for efficient and fast building. To put it another way, the hull material is engineered as a fiberglass laminate whereby the plywood is treated as a thick, yet weaker laminate within the fibreglass schedule.
Building the boat is easy. The builder simply assembles the hull as a plywood boat first, then glasses the outside and inside with fiberglass (Double Bias), to produce a strong composite hull without all the time consuming woodwork associated with traditional plywood on frame. Bog, fair, paint then time for the internals. Its that easy
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     Australian slang for "Full Throttle" or  "Pedal to the Metal", the Flat Chat 16 is a "flats" or shallow water fishing boat, a term a fitting name for the design.
Built to take shallow water fishing to the next level, from saltwater to fresh, the Flat Chat 16 is designed to be equipped with the distinctive advantages for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, geared for optimum top end delivery, responsive handling, shallow hole shots and a smooth, dry ride.
     Big on performance and all-around versatility, the Flat Chat 16's sleek, low profile design is designed to be extremely responsive, maneuvering with quiet, controlled ease, even in windy conditions. With her super shallow draft and extra dry ride mean the Flat Chat 16 is right at home whether you're fishing the saltwater estuaries or running a freshwater line on a nearby lake or river to take on a world of angling action.

     Tournament level performance at an incredible value - welcome to the Flat Chat 16! Built on an 16' ft plywood composite frame and touting the advanced feel of a feature-packed high performance predator, the Flat Chat 16 is designed to excel in a wide range of open and inland angling. While the wide open floor plan is ideal for coastal anglers, it has an equally strong layout for inland reservoir and river anglers, delivering the ultimate shallow water experience.    

Overall Hull length = 16 ft ( 4.87m)
Beam = 7ft (2.13m)
Rec Horsepower = 60-70 Hp
Deadrise @ Midship = 10 degrees 
Engine shaft length = L/S (20")
Fuel Capacity = 34.3 US gal. (130 litre tank)
Approx Hull weight (pending builder) =  577lbs (262 kg)
Max Persons = 5 Adults

   The Flat Chat 16 Specifications 

  So feed your addiction and grab your gear, push your pedal to the metal ....
       ...and scream out to your favourite "flat's" fishing grounds  ---going Flat Chat!

Flat Chat 16 Plans Price

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The following list of materials is approximate and intended for calculation of approximte costs. We offer no guarantees of accuracy. The list is for all plywood in the construction of the hull, deck and interior. Allowance has been made in the quanties for about 10% wastage. Resin and glass quanties are only approximate.

6mm (1/4") - 6 Sheets
9mm (3/8") - 8 Sheet
12mm (1/2") - 3 sheets

RESIN AND GLASS (For coatings and reinforced areas)
Epoxy Resin & Hardener - 72 kg (19 US gal)
400-450gm (12oz) Double Bias - 44 sq.m ( 52 sq.yards)
3 kg (6.6 lbs) glue powder (Cabosil)
3 kg  (6.6 lbs) Q-cells (fairing Powder)

The materials list above covers all the supplies for the boat as designed.
Useage of materials may vary due to several factors. For example, a experienced builder will use less resin. Our resin calculations are based on a 50% glass content. Options, customization and variations within your build will also effect the bill of materials and outcome.  


We do not offer CNC cut files for this design.

COMPLETE PAPER BOAT PLANS : For our builders we offer full size printed bulkhead/ frame patterns, printed on 24" wide paper which are taped together to provide fulls size outlines. Using the full size patterns and detailed plan sheets, the parts can be accurately marked and cut out.
All Plan sheets are printed on Architectural D (24" x 36" ) paper except for the full size patterns. Detailed plans consist of  12 sheets which detail all aspects of construction.

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