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Bowdidge Marine Designs began in 2007 whilst  Mark worked at Tom Fexas Yacht Designs (USA). Since then, Mark has also worked at Aluminium Boats Australia, Gerr Marine (USA), whilst also designing BMD custom boats for the home builder. Since those humble beginnings, BMD has designed over 60 boats, which are now being built worldwide. With our one-of-a-kind custom construction process, this allows us to finely balance our customers needs, while never sacrificing the ride, performance, fuel efficiency and safety.

So if your thinking about building your own boat at a fraction of the cost of a production boat, we hope you enjoy your stay, looking at all the boat plans we have available.

Our boat designs are built by people... JUST LIKE YOU

"Where Real Boats are Built, not Bought" 

Why Bowdidge Marine Designs

Just some of our designs built by people …..just like you !!

Roguewave 14 Run Riot 24 Sea Strike 18 Pro Tournament 21 EdgeTracker 487 EdgeTracker 426 Magnum 10 Tropic 14 Cruise Control 5.2 Broadwater 5.1 EdgeTracker 365 Run Riot 24 Roguewave 14 Tropic 12 Sea Strike 16 Pro Tournament 21 EdgeTracker 487 EdgeTracker 426 Tropic 14 Tropic 14 Cruise Control 5.2 Sandy Strait 14 Mushulu 14 Mushulu 12 Cruise Control 5.2 Pro Tournament 24 Sea Strike 16 RipTide XR-457 Cruise Control 5.2 Gulf Explorer 16 Sea Strike 18 Sportzmaster 19 Sportzmaster 19 RipTide CX-457 Magnum 10 Magnum 12 Magnum 12 Magnum 10 Gulf Explorer 16 Flat Chat 16 Mushulu 14 Tropic 12 Mushulu 12 RipTide XR-457 Mushulu 14 Pro Tournament 21 Magnum 12 Mushulu 12

We have boat plans (both yacht designs, catamaran designs and power designs) for all sizes for the amateur boat builder and Professional boatbuilder. From the 12ft Mushulu plywood stitch & glue power boat design to the Oceansky 57 strip plank composite multihull design. We design and build, plywood boats, Carolina boats, strip plank boats and fibreglass composite boats to very modern styling for both yacht designs, multihull designs and power boats designs.

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