Tight Lines – Ian and his EdgeTracker 426

Well… Ian is at it again. !!! Having a blast of a time fishing and camping Its great to see he’s out having a blast with his passion for fishing, not only fishing inshore in the rivers and lakes chasing trout and more, but also offshore mixing it up with Snapper and even squid in his EdgeTracker 426. Looking forward to hearing from him again and his next fishing/ camping adventures

Latest Launching – Kosta from Greece and his Sea Strike 16

Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 launched.  This time from from Kosta in Greece. He writes: Mark, Congratulations. Your design is perfect, I don’t have words to explain you how excited I am. Everything went fantastic, the boat is unbelievable… !!!! That so good to hear I reckon. What a top job he did building his Sea Strike 16. As for getting it registered in Europe with all their bureaucratic rubbish. When Kostas finished […]