Latest Launching – Michael’s Tropic 14

Its great to see yet another launching, this time from Michael from the Gold Coast (QLD) and his Tropic 14 getting a quick splash. He’s got a few more small things to go on (all the toys etc), but .. went for a quick blat and he reckons it flies.  Anyway, here’s his boat. Very nice He writes: I wont go as far as saying she is officially splashed, but I did take the tropic down […]

Glenn and Kim’s Tassie Adventure in their Broadwater 5.1

Its great to hear from Glenn and Kim from Melbourne (Vic)  as they took their Broadwater 5.1 down to Tasmania on holidays. They wrote: I recently spent a week down in Tasmania, Kim was doing the “Three Capes Walk” with the local Scout group, and as much as I would have loved to go as well, my knees couldn’t take the 50 or so kms that the trip does in the four days. It was […]

Latest Launching – Alex from Reunion Island and his Sea Strike 18

Build your own 5.50 m open shell for € 7,000: a story of a successful construction site Alexandre took 3.5 years to build entirely of his hands his hull open. A construction site on the island of Reunion. Proud of his amateur construction, he tells us how it unfolds and the steps to carry out such a project. Alexandre comes from Reunion Island, and after 10 years in Canada. (2004 to 2014), he returned to […]