Scotties Quick Strike 35 is Now under Construction

Its now started ! Scottie who owns a game fishing resort in Vanuatu ( Sakara Game Fishing Charters) which he’s building up is also in the process of building his QuickStrike 35 for game fishing that he commissioned us to design.  He writes:  I am Capt. Scott Martinsen, owner/operator of Sakara Game Fishing Charters, based at Black Wharf, Aore Island, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. About 3 years ago, fed up with the bullshit surrounding the commercial […]

Latest launching – Ronalds Sea Strike 18 (Canada)

Its great to see yet another launching, this time from Ronald from the Canada and his Sea Strike 18 getting a quick splash. He writes: Thanks guys! Just got the boat in the water this evening at 7 . What a sprint to the end . I haven’t stopped , 7 days a week for 6 weeks ,evenings after work and weekends trying to get to this stage . But it was AWESOME !!!!!  Got a […]