Tight Lines – Flathead… Not a bad by-catch (Glenn and his Broadwater 5.2)

Had the folks over from NZ for the past week. Headed out fishing on Western Port a couple of times with Dad for not much return, although counting around 80 boats on the water (that we could see) on Sunday was interesting. Western Port was glassed out for most of the day. Went out Wednesday afternoon hunting for snapper, nothing at the first mark, moved to the second one I had lined up and it […]

Tight Lines – Will’s Latest Fishing Adventure in his Cruise Control 5.2

G’day everyone, Finally we got some favourable wind conditions to go out for a fish, north of Perth Western Australia. My good mate JD and I made plans to meet at Ocean Reef boat ramp 4:00 am on Saturday morning and after setting up the boat, we were on our way offshore to a couple of new lumps we liked the look of. With the course set on the Simrad and after logging on to […]