Fun in the Sun – Tim’s Mushulu 14

Been a great summer of boating/fishing adventures with the M14 and family. Yesterday out from Mordialloc Creek did some tubing with the kids. Esky strapped to front bulkhead with kmart $5 rod holder works well when in fishing mode.

Technical Article – Liquid Engineering

So, what is Liquid Engineering?  Well, its a phrase I came up with over 10 years ago to describe how we engineer our boats. Since we’re about designing boats for out on the water, why not “Liquid Engineering”,  to describe how we determine our boats scantlings.   So in this video we’ll go thru the “how’s and why’s” without getting too deep, to open your eyes to see whats happening behind the scences of the “how’s […]

Compliance Plate Explained – Part 1

So, what is compliance all about? Well…It all refers to making your boat safe whilst out on the water. I mean lets face it. How many times to you hear of an accident where a boat has sunk somewhere out there on the ocean and Air/Sea rescure/ Water Police and every other government service is out searching huge expanses of waters looking for people clinging to their life jackets.  Crikey…… its so common now that […]