Latest Launching – Luc’s Mushulu 14

Its great to see yet another Mushulu 14 being launched, this time from Luc in Tasmania. Luc previously built an EdgeTracker 426 and is now building a Pro Tournament 21 as well He writes: Mushulu was officially launched last night. Floated in river and had a few beers with mate. Very pleased with performance. I’ve just come off a hot streak in life the last few months and I’m in a flat spot. On second […]

Latest Launching – Dave’s Tropic 12

Great to see yet another launching this week.. Dave and his Tropic 12 So with my 4 days at the Grand Prix canceled and a little extra help and motivation from my mate Michael I gave the top of the boat a quick paint and fit out. Then late yesterday afternoon we chucked it in at Avalon beach It was very choppy and I learned that I don’t know how to drive a boat very […]