Fun in the Sun – Tim’s Mushulu 14

Been a great summer of boating/fishing adventures with the M14 and family.
Yesterday out from Mordialloc Creek did some tubing with the kids.
Esky strapped to front bulkhead with kmart $5 rod holder works well when in fishing mode.

The Mushulu 14 rows as good as can be expected for a 14ft planing hull. I have been enjoying rowing out across shallows and happy with the distance I can go without breaking a sweat. I made some 9 ft oars which seem to me to be about the right length. (You couldn't go less than 8ft).

A removable casting/lounging platform insert also for additional storage and maybe a custom cooler box forward of the middle seat would be a good idea and is something I may consider for a future project.
I don't really have experience with casting platforms, so couldn't tell you if forward stability is good enough for that purpose. It's a pretty stable boat and doing lots of different things like standing up fishing and pulling in anchor etc, I have never got the wobbles and never felt like I need to grab on to rebalance when at rest even in a reasonable swell.

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