How long does it take to build a boat

How long does it take to build a boat?

This is a question that is often asked of me

So.... how long does it take to build a boat?  Well, how long is a piece of string?
All in all, it’s all about how much time you’re prepared to put in.

Now don’t think for a moment you’re going to build it over a weekend or two. You’re dreaming if you do. Sure, I’ve seen these boat building contests where they’re building a boat in a couple of ours, but in reality at the end of the day, it’s probably getting thrown down the dump or turned into a wheelie bin anyway (LOL).

Another thing to consider is, as everybody fishes differently and wants their boat set up they way they like it, well...this takes a little time as well. Sure, we provide the information on how to build your boat, but it’s the little things that every builder adds or customizes. So here, it requires a little thought. But you know what? By the time you get to this stage, it’s actually quite easy as you’ve already learnt the basic skills to build a great boat. So don’t look at the finished boats on our website and think”, I don’t have the skills to do that”

Also another thing to think about is.. the "actual" build time is not long at all. Where most of the time is lost is waiting for the epoxy to cure/ thinking or planing out your boat/ taking the kids to football/ days out with the family or whatever. In reality, this can add up to around 60% of your "build time". In other words, when builders say that a boat took 12 months (part time) to build, in reality actual "hands on" it was was really no more than 4 months or even less. The other 8 months was lost due to planing/ family/ work or whatever. The problem is for some reason, this "time" is also included as "build time".

Some will say it took me for 4 years to build the boat (where they only worked on the boat on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours) and others will say it took 6 months (working every day after work in the evenings for 2 hours). Can you see where I'm leading to? For some reason, when someone gives a build time, for some reason we assume that the build time was like a job, working everyday for 8 hours a day.  Whereas in reality, it wasn't. They just did everything else except build the boat. Yet for some reason, this "everything else" is included in build time.

So bear this in mind when asking the question, as its a "loaded" question.

This is why I don't give build times. It can vary so much from person to person. In the end, how long it takes is totally up to you and how much time your prepared to put in on a daily basis.

Sea Strike 16
EdgeTracker 487

As you can see, its not that hard.

From the photo's above, the time to build or  "length of string" can be anything. It all really comes down to how much time your prepared to put in per week into building your boat.
In other words, you can spend 20 minutes to an hour or two every night working away on your boat... or.. you can go inside after work, put your feet up and watch the crap on the idiot box like ...."the DAYS OF OUR LIVES" (YUK)

In the end however, its totally up to you.
But before you know it, you'll be looking at your new boat you've just built and launched and you'll be thinking, ... I can't believe it, but I just built that  boat with my own hands!!!


Daryl and his family with their Sea Strike 16 in Croatia

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