Latest Launchings

Latest Launching – Dave’s Tropic 12

Great to see yet another launching this week.. Dave and his Tropic 12

So with my 4 days at the Grand Prix canceled and a little extra help and motivation from my mate Michael I gave the top of the boat a quick paint and fit out. Then late yesterday afternoon we chucked it in at Avalon beach

It was very choppy and I learned that I don’t know how to drive a boat very well so it was lucky my mate has a bit of experience.
Still a fair bit of detail stuff to go back and finish of but we are heading up to the lake this morning for a camp and a fish and to give the boat a better run on some flat water!

Heaps of room and stability for two to fish from the little rig. Had a few troubles with the motor but being it is the 1985 2 smoke I can forgive it. 

Only one fish, a nice yellow belly but a good couple of days learning the boat and avoiding the Coronavirus.

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