Latest Launching – Mat’s Sportzmaster 19

G'day Mark,
We launched our Sportzmaster yesterday off Carrum.
It was mid afternoon with an easterly wind picking up and the associated fetch driven swell from across Port Phillip Bay.
The boat felt composed and cut through the waves easily. The boat / hull tracked nicely and was predictable on any point into and off the weather.
With a following sea acceleration up onto the plane is phenomenal, the boat jumps onto the plane (THERE IS NO HOLE) and feels like it is gliding / flying above the water.

Once I've finished the motor run in I'll do some performance testing and share the numbers.
This boat feels different to any other I've helmed -from my brothers bar crusher, my mates' Haines hunter, my old Cruisecraft cubby etc - the design of this hull is at the next level.

I wanted to thank you for your support over the years, I admire your designs and wish I had the time to build them all.

To the members of the forum past and present; thanks for sharing and safe boating.


Pulling out all stops to get this in the water by Christmas.

View from the bow...
Should go all right i reckon..

G'day All,
I missed the Christmas deadline but didn't want to rush the end anyway.
Finally got the trailer finished and boat out of the shed.

And then the storm hit Friday Arvo.. rain water was pouring out the scuppers. so its gotten wet.
But will be splashed this weekend some time off Carrum Melbourne.

One with the cover off and in the sunshine yesterday.
Time to launch her !!!

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