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G'day Mark, Thought I'd send you a couple of pics . Finally the weather God's played nicely. Another milestone achieved, first day offshore  the sea was almost flat as a
It great to see yet another Broadwater 5.1 now launched. This from Glenn down in Melbourne Vic (Australia) With his outboard all booked in, during the last few days he
Its great to see yet another launching, this time from Conrad who lives in Malta (Europe) and is RipTide XR-457 He writes: Hi all   I'm back and I'm super happy.
Great to see another launching this week, this time from Darren in North Qld and his Tropic 14 !! What a TOP JOB !! He writes: G'day Mark, A few
Its great to see the latest launching of yet another Sea Strike 18, this time from the Visser brothers in the Netherlands. What a top job !!.  They write: Yesterday
It was great to see Cameron from North Qld (Australia) launching his new Gulf Explorer 16. What an awesome job he did building her ! He writes: Soft launch completed.
A few minutes ago I just received a few photo's from Joe and his girlfriend (from WA) on they're 4x4 fishing and camping adventures, with their EdgeTracker 426 towed behind. 
I just received these photo's from Chakkaphong (Thailand) who just launched his Sea Strike 18    If you look at his console, you see can that he cut out a portion
We just recieved these photo's from Haydn from 1770 up in Central Qld and his EdgeTracker 426. He sent in a short video as well !! Looks great Haydn He
Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 18 hit the water, this time from Pete from Albany (WA) where he fishes the Great Southern Ocean. He writes: My boat
Its great to see another Sea Strike 16 hit the water. This time its from Colt (Hugh) from Sydney. He writes: Hi all We are finally afloat. Still lots of
Its great to see another Mushulu 14 launched this week by Andrew down in Melbourne (Vic) He writes: Hi all, Just had a successful splashing over the weekend!   Properly launched
Its great to see yet another EdgeTracker 487 being launched this week. This time from Lachie down in Melbourne (Vic). He writes: Well the day has finally come! My dad
Lance just sent me in these awesome photo's out and about with his family in their Sea Strike 16 - "Gulf War". Great to see they're having a blast enjoying
Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 being launched this week. This time its from Adam down at Sydney ! He writes: The Sea Strike has been salted!
Its great to see another Tropic 14 being launched, this time Geoff from Victoria. What a top job ! He writes: Here she is in the water and the video
Its great to see Duncan from NZ launching his new Edgetracker 426. What a beautiful job he did building her. He writes: I only went out for a short blat,
Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 launching. Here' s a few photo's of his boat taken on that day. Bo was a first time boat builder and

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