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So Why Build your own Boat?

Well, here's just 6 AMAZING reasons why building your own boat is so rewarding !

1/ As you build your own OWN it. This means no mortgaging the house, no on your knees begging the bank for a loan.

2/ Everybody is different in the way they like to set-up their boats. Well, when you build your own, you can CUSTOMIZE the boat to the way you LIKE it

3/ When bills arrive or its time to spend your hard earned cash on the kids schooling, you can down tools, pay the bills and keep going. No monthly payments on the "bought" boat to deal with. You own it remember. Lock, stock and barrel (LOL)

4/ With your toys and electronics, YOU choose what you want. Your not buying some crap that comes "automatically" with the boat/ trailer/ motor package In other words, your paying for something that you actually don't want

5/ You choose the outboard you want. Many "boat deals" include outboards that you may not like. Well...too bad. If you want just the boat itself, the price goes up.

6/ Building your own boat works out to be approx 1/3 the cost of a production boat. This means you've got spare cash for that "reno" on your house/ a holiday/ buy a 2nd car and more.

I could go on and on, ...but I think you get the idea ( LOL)

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