Oceansky 57

The Oceansky 57 Multihull Design

The Oceansky 57 design was a multihull design that I designed years ago as a part of my final thesis whilst studying Naval Architecture at Westlawn. (See HERE). It was based on our experiences of living aboard our 42ft catamaran, cruising the Pacific and Indian Oceans for 11 years and especially crossing the equator numerous times, where winds are light, if at all on occasions.

At the time I was working at Tom Fexas Yacht Designs in the US when a World wide "Cruising design" competition was announced by Cruising World Magazine. At the time I was busy with Fexas designs, however at the last moment with 1/2 hour to spare, my wife convinced me to enter the Oceansky 57. 

Will I finish the plans?
One day I will.


Ninth Place Overall:

Mark Bowdidge, from Queensland, Australia certainly boosted the panel's adrenalin with this elegant and beautifully presented catamaran, the only multihull to make the Top Ten. Its mission, Bowdidge states, is to combine the comfort and safety of a cruising yacht with the potential to take line honors in major races.

"I find this design the most exciting of the group," wrote Bruce King. "It exudes speed and efficiency. The smaller visual mass of the central pod compared to the more usual massive cabin structure of mainstream cruising catamarans is a real aesthetic plus."

Johnstone, (Island Packet Yachts) , was also enthusiastic, writing "If I were going long-distance cruising on a catamaran, the Oceansky is as good as any I have seen afloat."

There's no question the boat would be fast, but that speed comes with the cost of the high-tech construction materials and methods needed to achieve the target weight and with a significant sacrifice in cruising amenities.

"Its compact central area clearly anticipates the safety concerns of traveling at high speed in large seas," Johnstone commented. However that central pod accommodates two watches of two in minimal comfort and little privacy, tight quarters in 57 feet.

In the end, it was the high cost and size—"Too big, too expensive," wrote Johnson. The Westlawn Group considered it "Really too racing oriented to be a real cruiser." However, the view was that this boat overall would be exciting to race and cruise in the hands of the right crew.

Oceansky 57 Specs
LOA 57' 4" 17.47 m.
LWL 52' 8" 16.05 m.
Beam 34' 6" 10.52 m.
Draft (Boards up/down) 1' 6"/10' 2" .46 / 3.10 m
Mast Height 79' 3" 24.7m
Sail Area (100%) 1,505 sq. ft. 139 . 8 sq.m
Disp. 16,440 lb. 7,456 kg
Ballast None
SA/Disp. 37.2
Water 136 gal. 515 litres
Fuel Not specified
Engine Not specified
Designer Mark Bowdidge

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