Our Boatbuilders update #1

Welcome to our Boat building Blog section.

Here you can see all the latest postings from our builders in our PRIVATE Boatbuilding forum.  Here's just a few of the latest build progress photo's and where our builders are up to with their builds over the past week.
Think you can't do it ?
Well, . ..99% of our builders have never built a boat before either !!
Exciting times for all !!!
Andrew from Tasmania and his Sea Strike 16 

All primed and ready to be sprayed. This is Steves first time using a a spray gun for painting

Micks Tropic 14

Mick is now in the stages of constructing and fitting is side decks and coamings ready to be glued and glassed in

Steve's Sea Strike 18 Build

Dry run with fittings. Just starting to get excited.

Robin from Scotland and his RipTide CX-457

That's the stringers and bulkheads glassed

Tim and his Broadwater 5.1

Fitting the Sponsons

Koen from the Netherlands and his Sea Strike 18

Fitting out time

Hendriks Tropic 12

Painting the Topsides.



Michael from South Africa and his Pro Tournament 21

It is really getting exciting now.

Brians Tropic 14 Build

Brian is now fitting all his "toys" and his 30hp ETEC

Luc's Mushulu 14 Build

Glassing in the floors and seats.

Mathew's Gulf Explorer 16

Coamings in place.



Will's Cruise Control 5.2

I fitted the Bimini frame today ready for the trimmers tomorrow.



Thinking of building a BMD design? 

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