Life was meant for Good Friends and ...

  • Its great to see another Mushulu 14 launched this week by Andrew down in Melbourne (Vic) He writes: Hi all, Just had a successful splashing over the weekend!   Properly launched my recently completed Mushulu 14 over the weekend, and I have to say, this thing is awesome! As posted in the build thread, I worked flat stick through the Easter/ANZAC break to complete and splash the boat, but only narrowly managed to get it wetSee Full Post >

  • Its great to see yet another EdgeTracker 487 being launched this week. This time from Lachie down in Melbourne (Vic). He writes: Well the day has finally come! My dad and I took her out from St Kilda this morning. Very stable at rest as I let the new engine idle for 5 mins.  We spent nearly 2hrs at under 3000rpm to break the motor in which didn't get up on the plane. Then anotherSee Full Post >

  • Lance just sent me in these awesome photo's out and about with his family in their Sea Strike 16 - "Gulf War". Great to see they're having a blast enjoying the boat as a family boat and also some serious fishing - "Sea Strike Slaying" as he calls it. Love it  Went out again for an early morning dive mission. Once again the wind came up to over 20 knots. Farkin spring wether driving me nuts. ISee Full Post >

  • Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 being launched this week. This time its from Adam down at Sydney ! He writes: The Sea Strike has been salted! I can now say its officially splashed and named ūüėÄ After a crazy late Sunday afternoon of getting the boat ready and rigging up the fishing gear we headed off Monday morning at 4:30 ( I only got 2hrs of sleep)...Never again..Im still feeling itSee Full Post >

  • Its great to see another Tropic 14 being launched, this time Geoff from Victoria. What a top job ! He writes: Here she is in the water and the video I did up explaining a few things about the build and with the boat up and running. Let me tell you, the saying never work with kids or animals when film making is true! Here's a great video he made showing how the boat compliesSee Full Post >

  • Great to see we have yet another launching, this time from Pat in Tasmania and his Magnum 10 Pat writes: The big day finally, arrived, after all the rain and high winds we have had here in Tassie there was a break in the weather in the Sunday morning. Loaded the boat on the trailer and off we went. Since we have had a lot of flood waters we had to clear dead wood andSee Full Post >

  • It was great to hear from Phil as he launched his RipTide CX-457 the other day. He writes: Hi Mark, Watching your web site over the last twelve months and then suddenly, the RipTide CX457came out of nowhere and I thought "I am going to have a go at building this boat". Having never built a boat before and after mine had been stolen two years ago, the want to build this one was toSee Full Post >

  • Its great to see Duncan from NZ launching his new Edgetracker 426. What a beautiful job he did building her. He writes: I only went out for a short blat, I only got onto the water at about 6 pm and the boys have school in the morning so I couldn't make changes and go out again. The boat handles the chop very well! Here's a few photo's Its great to see yet another EdgeTrackerSee Full Post >

  • Its great to see yet another Sea Strike 16 launching. Here' s a few photo's of his boat taken on that day. Bo was a first time boat builder and "WOW"... Top finish mate. She looks great ! We look forward to seeing more from Bob and his adventures is his Sea Strike 16 To see more or this design, click this link (Sea Strike 16) or visit our website at www.bowdidgemarinedesigns.comSee Full Post >

  • Its great to see another launching today, this time from Clinton and Nikki from the UK. He writes: Well chaps she's in. Great day we even managed to catch a fish!!! It was worth all the effort. Had a brilliant time. Boat was even better. Had lots of comments‚Ķ. all good. We had a few envious stares when launching and retrieving, it was so easy ....could even be a one man job. Perfect for UKSee Full Post >

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