Steve’s NorthWest Island Adventure in his Sea Strike 18

G'day Mark,
Long time no chats!
I've just returned from holidays this week and thought I would share a few photos with you.

We went to North West Island which is located 75 km east of Gladstone, where we set off from.
The trip took nearly 2 hours, we were blessed with 10 knots of wind and not much swell happy about that, the weather allowed us to get out every day though we were governed by tide times.
Great two weeks caught some fish, drank a lot of beer ( 270 cartons) between us all, spoke a lot of dribble, Boat performed effortlessly and has well and truly been blooded and currently smells like a trawler!
I think I may have enlightened quite a few people on the island to BMD, everyone that looked at Scad had to come over for a chat and look, just to see what it was, most were stunned to hear I built it.

Anyway Im still around, quietly in the back ground, I am finally building my camper trailer, which I am aiming on using a lot of the methods I learnt boat building, ply and glass.
It will hopefully be along the lines of a tear drop caravan.

Regards Steve (Aka - Anthony on our forum)


Steve with all 25 of his mates on NorthWest island.
He's is on the left hand side of the photo wearing a kaki shirt and black cap

Waiting for the tide to go fishing

Weigh in time (LOL)

One of the boys having a quick nap, while the Sea Strike 18 waits patiently on the beach

Preparing tonights dinner.
Looks like fish 'n' chips tonight LOL

Crikey..when these lot go camping, they take EVERYTHING (!!) including the kitchen sinks.
The Beer tent (very important - LOL)
Fuel Depot
and more....

Check out this video of their camp set-up (LOL)

Just one of the highlights the island has to offer.
Its now breeding season for the turtles as they come to the island to breed and lay their eggs

Beer 0'clock
It doesn't get better than this I reckon !!
This is GOLD

Looks like you lot had an absolute blast mate !!
We look forward to seeing more of your adventures in 2020 

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