Tight Lines – Flathead. Not a bad catch (Glenn and his Broadwater 5.2)

Had the folks over from NZ for the past week. Headed out fishing on Western Port a couple of times with Dad for not much return, although counting around 80 boats on the water (that we could see) on Sunday was interesting.
Western Port was glassed out for most of the day.

Went out Wednesday afternoon hunting for snapper, nothing at the first mark, moved to the second one I had lined up and it was on for the next couple of hours.
About half or more of what we hauled up was too small to keep, we ended up with 27 flathead between 27 and around 35 cm.
Had to head in around 5:00 pm, not because they had gone off the bite (cos they hadn't) but because we had dinner in the kill tank!

At one point we were sitting there with lines down, rocking gently on the deep blue with a light breeze keeping the heat down,
and I thought to myself,
"This is exactly the reason why I built this boat!"
When we got home, no one complained that we hadn't caught a snapper.

Cooked about half of the flathead fillets as dinner for the six of us, will have some more tonight then the rest can go in the freezer for another night.
Might have roe patties for lunch tomorrow as well. (LOL)

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