SportzMaster 19

SportzMaster 19


The SportzMaster 19's personality manifests itself in the way she takes the sea. In a way, the SportzMaster 19 becomes an extension of the rod, unequaled as a partner in the battle, her reliability borders on relentless. To say the SportzMaster 19 is tough is to speak an understatement of immeasurable proportions. There is nothing casual in her lines or timid in her performance. She is a Sportz boat that is all business.The business of fishing, sportz and play.

Quite simply, the SportzMaster 19's is a yardstick by which others are measured.

When it comes to taking the waves head-on, the SM19 packs a mighty punch. Big boat attitude in a small easy package describes the SportzMaster 19 in perfect detail.

    The cockpit is open and uncluttered, giving you plenty of fish fighting room. Its console provides plenty of room for electronics and a removable transom gate allows access to the integral swim platform and starboard. Up forward the SportzMaster 19 has ample seating for your family and friends to lounge around with a ton of storage underneath.
Easy to maintain and trailer, your SportzMaster 19 will provide you with years of family fun and offshore memories.

"No game's, Just Sportz" is not just a slogan: it's a statement.

SportzMaster 19


- LOA ……19ft (5.79m)
- BEAM ………7ft - 4in (2.23m) overall
- DRAFT/ hull only ………10″ (254mm) @ DWL
- Deadrise at transom ...… 15 degrees
- FUEL CAPACITY ....... 52.8 USG (200 Litres)
Horsepower… 175 Hp (max)
Outboard leg length.... 25"
- LEVEL flotation (built as per the plans)

APPROX DRY TRAILER WEIGHT including a 175 hp motor…..1791 lbs
(812 kg ) depending on materials and outboard options* ( This includes a full tank of fuel)

- Construction …. Strip Plank Composite Construction
- Safety standards in compliance with the ABYC standard
- Structure is engineered in accordance with ABS class rules

SportzMaster 19

SportzMaster 19 Plans.

The construction plans supplied by Bowdidge Marine Designs are CAD-drawn sheets taken from our full 3D model for accuracy.
We use a multitude of design programs to create our plans and we stand behind them 100%, providing back-up support should you encounter any troubles during your build.
Please be aware that plans we do not provide CNC cut files or kit boats.

Plans are now delivered in PDF format ONLY via direct download onto your computer.
Electronic copies are far more durable and reliable than the paper equivalents.

 SportzMaster 19 Plans Price.
AU $465

Sportzmaster 19


We require a signed order form with every plan order. This form explains the terms and conditions and plans will not be mailed until we receive a signed order form accepting our terms. 

Download Plan order form below:

Download this Form

Anyone can Build a Boat.
Its that Easy

Just about anybody can build a boat using the Bowdidge Marine Design Strip Plank Composite system. This method eliminates many members that ordinarily require fitting, fairing, and beveling. Thus, it's ideal for beginners. A jigsaw and drill are about the only power tools required. The resulting boat is incredibly light weight, strong, and durable.

This quick and easy boatbuilding method consists of laying the planks onto the temporary frames, allowing the planks to "find their own way" from bow to stern. We also use tile spacers to provide the gaps between the planks to push the glue through at a later stage. Once the planks are fixed into position, we can then begin gluing the planking into place. By doing things this way, we're not under pressure to plank up fast due to the glue going off, but working at our own pace. It also means that the planks themselves are not tortured into position, using clamps or whatever to hold down, but the planks "naturally" want to lay down as they ar laying naturally of finding their own path. Its that easy. (see video below)

Once the planks have been glued, its time to give the hull a quick fair with your sander, then time to begin glassing.

Plans for all our designs include instructions, material layouts, and material listings. In addition, the patterns provided are precise, since they're taken from the actual 3D modeling and CAD systems.


The following list of materials is approximate and intended for calculation of approximte costs. We offer no guarantees of accuracy.
The list is for all plywood in the construction of the hull, deck and interior. Allowance has been made in the quanties for about 10% wastage.
Resin and glass quanties are only approximate.

CHIPBOARD OR MDF (For the temporary frames)
8x4ft sheets (2.44 x 1.22m) 19mm ( 3/4") - 8 Sheets

30mm x 12mm - 26 sq.metres/  (1"-3/16  x 1/2 “ - 292 sq.ft)

MARINE BS 1088 OR AB GRADE PLYWOOD (Density no less than 600 kg/m^3 or 37.5 lbs/ft^3)
6mm (1/4") - 2 Sheets
12mm (1/2") - 7 Sheets
19mm (3/4”) – 6 sheets

RESIN AND GLASS (For coatings and reinforced areas)
Epoxy Resin & Hardener - 120 kg (53 US gal)
400-450gm (12oz) Double Bias (not Biaxial) - 100 m ( 109 yards) - Buy a roll
5 kg (11 lbs) glue powder (Cabosil) (Cheaper to buy a 10 kg box than by the kg)
5kg (11 lbs) Q-cells (fairing Powder) (Cheaper to buy a 10 kg box, than by the kg)

The materials list above covers all the supplies for the boat as designed.
Useage of materials may vary due to several factors. For example, experienced builders will use less resin.
Our resin calculations are based on a 50% glass content.
Options, customization and variations within your build will also effect the bill of materials and outcome.

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